Partners officially open health and community hub for Hessle Road

A new health centre that truly captures an area of Hull’s proud heritage has been officially opened this afternoon.

Elliott Chappell Health Centre, named after Pastor Thomas Chappell and Reverend James Elliott, is the twelfth health facility to be delivered by estates partner Citycare as part of NHS Hull’s LIFT Programme.

Speaking at the event Rt Hon Alan Johnson,MP for Hull West and Hessle, said:

“I’m delighted to be at the opening of the twelfth magnificent health centre delivered as part of the LIFT Programme. This is an iconic building in an iconic location in the heart of what was the fishing community of Hull. It’s a building worthy of the people who will be using it.”

The building provides residents of West Hull with easy access to health and community facilities, in a setting that tells the story ofHessle Road and the trawler and fishing industries. On arrival visitors will see an 1888 map of the area, so they can trace where their ancestors once lived. The main stair well is decorated with colourful wall art that captures the 1911 census information. The area’s heritage is also incorporated into the window manifestations and display cabinets dotted around the facility.

Dr Tony Banerjee, Chair of Hull’s Clinical Commissioning Group said:

“These landmark buildings pool services together in welcoming and comfortable environments, meaning patients don’t have to travel to numerous locations to access care. I hope local people will agree with me when I say this one in particular really captures the spirit of the community.”

Elliott Chappell is the final development to open as part of the LIFT Programme, now Citycare will go on to look after the facilities for the next twenty five years.

Charles Lewis, Chair of Citycare said:

“This is a 30 year journey. We have responsibility to ensure that in 2038 Elliott Chappell Health Centre is in the nearly new condition as it is today, as is the case for all the 12 health centres. We take the risk from the NHS, so clinicians and staff can concentrate on their core business, improving the health of local people. Outside of LIFT, we’ll continue to advise our partners on how best to save cash  whilst improving their facilities.

I’m extremely proud to have been involved in the delivery of these facilities; I don’t think any of us envisaged the programme would be of such scale, quality and impact.

I’m also proud of the way we’ve delivered these schemes, involving the communities from the outset; after all c70% of the Hull population now access services from these buildings. Local people have been involved in the design, how the buildings can be used, they’ve even built them. We’ve employed between 85% and 93% of Hull people on each project; the equivalent of employing 133 people full time each year.”

Norman Elliott, son of the late Reverend James Elliott was also in attendance, he said:

“My father the late James Victor Elliott was the vicar of St Barnabas Church, the Boulevard/Hessle Road, from 1932 to 1949.  He was very much involved with the local community, its trawler men and associated workers.  Helping them in so many ways from baptisms, marriages and in their times of tragic loss. The name Elliott Chappell is a fitting tribute to two men who contributed so much to the life of  Hessle Road in good times and in hard.”

Martin Rooney, Community Health Partnerships Area Director commented:

“CHP‘s aim is to create modern, high quality facilities that help to improve the health and wellbeing of local people. I am certain that Elliott Chappell Health Centre will achieve that aim and be valued by both patients and the health care professionals who work there.”