Game on: Broadacre Primary School celebrates sporting milestone on new school build

The new multi-million-pound Broadacre Primary School building has reached yet another milestone in its construction phase. The multi-use-games-area (MUGA) was completed just in time for the new school term to begin, with an official opening celebration on Monday (20th September) to mark the occasion.    

To celebrate further progression to Broadacre Primary School’s major expansion, Sewell Construction, Hull Esteem and Hull City Council invited Broadacre Primary School, key stakeholders, and special guest Roary the Tiger to the ‘MUGA Official Opening’ to mark the completion of the new 1412.394m2 games area. 

Lisa Staines, Executive Head at Broadacre said: 

“After the success of the Topping Out ceremony back in June, we knew we had a lot to live up to when it came to celebrating the official opening of the MUGA – and it did not disappoint.  

“We got the whole school involved in a full day sporting activities on the new games area. Pupils surrounded the football pitches whilst they watched and created their own spectator banners to cheer their peers on. The children were so excited to be handed their certificates and trophies by Roary the Tiger! 

“There has been a real feel of togetherness and inclusion facilitated by Hull City Council, Esteem and Sewell Construction throughout the construction phase of our new school; I’ve said it before, but it really does mean so much for the project team to become such a big part of our school community.” 

We facilitate events like this at several milestones throughout any of our projects. We are committed to the communities in which we works, with our site teams aiming to leave a lasting legacy through social and community impact.  

Project Manager, Martin Standley added;  

“The engagement activities we have done throughout the project so far are a constant reminder for the team that what they’re working on is more than just a building, and much bigger than their usual daily jobs.  

“Whilst we’re on site we are part of the Broadacre Primary School community and daily routine, and it is important for us to be good neighbours to build that relationship with them from start to finish. They have been so accommodating throughout the process, so putting on events like this is our way of giving something back. 

“I love getting involved in these celebrations, and it is great to continue to work collaboratively with Hull Esteem and the Hull City Council to facilitate such events for the benefit of the entire school.” 

Works to the new build school are due to be completed in February 2022, increasing capacity by 210 pupil places and incorporating a 10-place purpose-built space for children with Autistic Spectrum Condition, a 52-place nursery, as well as enhanced external and teaching spaces. The third and final phase of the scheme to demolish the existing school, and create additional playing fields, is due for completion in September 2022.