Building knowledge: a university relationship

Sewell Construction are well known for expertise in educational projects, and nowhere shows this better than our collaborative relationship with the University of Leeds.

We’ve been working together for almost a decade, and throughout 2023 we completed several different projects with the University, including revamping a state-of-the-art sports space, remodelling an IT suite, refurbishing part of the social sciences building and replacing infrastructure at student accommodation, showcasing our team’s versatility.

From creating a strength and conditioning space for the University’s performance athletes, to installing replacement water systems to accommodation during term time without disrupting students, we can turn projects around quickly, and our teams are agile enough to scale up and down to deliver an array of schemes.

Our relationship with the University of Leeds allows them quick and easy access to a versatile and flexible team of estates and construction experts who can deal with issues quickly, but who are also adaptable enough to project manage and co-ordinate larger, strategic projects which will enhance the University’s capabilities, services and reputation. Operating with the
University in this collaborative way means we can work side-by-side with their estates team to identify and overcome challenges together, a cooperative way of problem solving, rather than being bound to a traditional ‘client-supplier’ way of working.

As well as the on-site work we do for them, we’ve also undertaken added value work during the projects to help benefit the local community and University staff and students. This included 36 weeks of apprentices working on site, eight weeks of work experience placements, and making our training resources on building regulation law updates available to University estates staff for CPD.

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