Elliott Chappell Health Centre, New Development, Citycare Ltd


High levels of health inequalities and outdated GP premises focused NHS Hull on developing a new approach to serve the West Hull locality. The existing health provision was delivered from several premises across the area that were in serious need of refurbishment. The challenge was to address the health needs of the area by providing highly visible services in an easily accessible location, encouraging people to take proactive management of their own health. The design and build of a new centre bringing together local GP services together with a new pharmacy was required.


Working closely with Hull Citycare Ltd and the NHS throughout the design process, Sewell advised on build-ability to ensure the design was deliverable; re-engineering some designs to meet client aspirations, aligned with their budget to meet affordability, but still attaining the same high quality standards. Sewell transferred knowledge and lessons learned from previous schemes and from the facilities management of the existing and new health estate in Hull; this meant the scheme benefited from shared learning, reducing the amount of resource usage for management and design. The project team also engaged with trusted supply chain members, which assisted with continuity, repetition, stability, understanding and an invaluable amount of team spirit. Engagement with the client, user groups, and residents was an important part of the project development. The project team engaged with over 20 key influencers to encourage their enthusiasm and support for the scheme, making them feel part of the development from the outset.


Well organised planning and execution meant that construction was relatively issue free and any potential issues such as existing foundations (due to the site being brown field), resulted in no loss of time on site and no additional costs being incurred.

Sewell made many positive environmental considerations during the build too, including a site traffic management plan ensuring the adjacent highway was not obstructed by construction traffic.
Consideration for the surrounding roads extended to employing a road cleaner to ensure the roads and paths were left clean, tidy and safe.

The original community car park was replaced by hard standing at the front of the building, so the project team extended the new health centre car park at the rear of the building to re-provide the 20 public spaces lost. The team also planted extra trees replacing those that had to be removed from the front of the site.

12 weeks prior to the project being completed, ‘countdown to completion’ meetings were established with all key stakeholders to ensure the building moved from the construction phase to an operational health centre seamlessly. Training with tenants was jointly coordinated by Sewell Construction and Sewell FM, covering items such as:

  • Key fob procedures
  • Working patterns and alarm times
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Health and safety
  • Enquiry logging with the local helpdesk

The meetings also provided an opportunity for tenants to meet the local helpdesk team, their building manager and mobile maintenance technicians. Health and safety files, commissioning and testing were prepared and closed out prior to the handover date, in turn allowing for the handover day to be a formality and a hassle free process for the client. All building inspections, testing and commissioning were witnessed and signed off by independent testers working on behalf of the client with Sewell in attendance.


The site team welcomed a work experience student, who enjoyed his time so much that he came back in his summer holidays to work on the project. The site team issued regular community newsletters and held bi-monthly stakeholder meetings in a purpose built community hub on site to keep the community updated and aware of our activities. We welcomed visits from the local primary schools for several events such as tree planting and a time capsule burial. The team also held a topping out ceremony and tour of site for the client, local councillors and key stakeholders.


Throughout the build, through careful management and implementation, we stayed on programme, assisted by no impacts caused by the weather. We handed the building over on time, on budget and defect free and with £6.9m local spend. A total of 67% of the workforce were from Hull and 98% of materials were recycled.

Sewell Facilities Management now maintains this building under a 25-year concession to Citycare.

Appointed to several EU compliant frameworks
17 major public facilities in the past 4 years
education and health facilities delivered within agreed cost envelopes
Construction excellence academic journal published worldwide as book
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accident frequency rate in 2019
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“This scheme is an excellent example of what can be achieved when partners work well together - an innovative approach both the building design and the land transactions that underpin the scheme, have meant that this fantastic new facility has been possible during a very challenging economic climate.”

Dr Dan Roper, Chairman NHS Hull CCG