Endike Academy Extension David Ross Education Trust (DRET)



Due to increasing demand, a nursery extension was needed at Endike Academy.

Enhanced provision was needed for the early years group, as the existing nursery could only accommodate 26 children. With the additional space, this could be increased to 52.

Sewell Construction originally built the school and Sewell Facilities Management now provides services and peace of mind around the clock on site.

The client – David Ross Education Trust (DRET) – has over 30 academies and approached Sewell to carry out the work over the six week summer holidays based on the pre-existing strong and trusted relationship.


The Sewell Construction team were already familiar with the site and the school after completing the original build, so this enabled a seamless approach from the outset.

We engaged with much of the previous supply chain before the work began, as they too knew what was expected on site, supplied many of the correct materials and products in keeping with the existing building, and were aware of any issues which may need to be overcome in the tight timeframe.

Sewell Facilities Management provided useful insight into product lifecycle and how the existing school functioned, such as the under floor heating, to ensure the best whole life costing for the client.

We worked closely with the Facilities Management team to ensure any technical queries prior to or during the build could be answered quickly and efficiently, rather than prolonging the programme awaiting feedback from any third parties.

Although the pupils were not on site full time during the summer holidays, we still had to be mindful it would be a live environment, with out of school activities planned and staff access required at various times.

We planned for access and egress at all times, and made provisions for parking, as well as construction vehicles moving around the site.

Programme considerations were very tight due to the six-week timeframe.


The extension was completed in a strict six-week time scale, ready for the start of the new school year.

Major milestones saw the floor slab completed by the end of week three and the building was watertight by the end of week four.

Careful consideration was given to protecting the school grounds and surrounding areas as we used heavy plant machinery.

Plans for fire alarm and sprinkler systems to remain fully functional in the rest of the school during the project were also put in place, with in-depth conversations taking place before and during construction.

Security was also considered, with hoardings placed where possible and a security guard on site when needed.

Engaging directly with the headteacher and end users, it was pointed out to us that some of the younger children were struggling with the toilet flushes, so we completed toilet modifications as additional work to make it easier for them, as well as making sure the new toilet facilities also met those requirements.

Consideration was also given to U-values, assessing the insulation of the walls and solar gain of the windows, and maximising the design and deliverability of the extension.

There were very few residential houses close by but we made the decision not to power the on-site welfare facilities by generator to avoid creating excess noise. Instead, we mains-powered the facilities at cost to us, which was the right thing to do.

Regular ‘tool box talks’ reinforced health and safety, as well as the importance of volume to respect the area and local residents, as we worked extended hours to ensure the project was completed on time.


The nursery extension was delivered on time, on budget and with zero defects or accidents.

From an economic perspective, all of the supply chain and the on-site team were local, with four apprentices involved, resulting in 100% local spend.

Free of charge work was completed on the toilet modifications and additional advice and guidance was provided by Sewell Facilities Management.

The extension means double the amount of nursery places can now be offered.

Whenever any children were on site during the summer holidays, we showed them the periphery to highlight how the extension was progressing and also kept their sunflowers alive during the summer holidays, with the Sewell team watering them every day.

We supported the out of school activities by maintaining the use of the building and the facilities, while staff and children had safe and clear access, meaning nothing had to be cancelled.


The extension is absolutely amazing. It’s made a difference to the whole area, as it’s so much lighter, brighter and more welcoming to the whole space. It was a big ask, but they did it and we couldn’t ask for more. With Sewell Facilities Management and Sewell Construction working together, it could only benefit the school and result in a good job. We have a very good relationship with Sewell. They are very responsive and they listen. It’s a true partnership

Linda Burrows Headteacher, Endike Academy