Value: £4.0m

Sector: Higher Education

Summary: New build sports complex with high performance EPC A rated building with zero gas fuel demand.

Sewell Construction completed the transformation of the University of Leeds Bodington Playing Fields site in north Leeds. This has created an impressive sports facility boasting three full size LED floodlit 3G Football Turf Pitches (FTPs), a four-team changing pavilion with community café, meeting space, and a car park.  This transformation was made possible thanks to a £4.3m grant from the Premier League, The FA and Government’s Football Foundation.

The state-of-the-art facility is a welcome boost to grassroots football in Leeds, and is also very sustainable. Built with a reduced carbon footprint in mind, the completed facility includes PV panels, LED lighting, air source heating and a water quality management system. Materials were selected based on environmental performance to help the University of Leeds on its road to decarbonisation.

The Parklife project was designed using the latest version of IES Ltd VE accredited software to align with the University of Leeds leading environmental policy and carbon reduction targets. Identifying a maximum carbon output of 145.01kgC02/m2, the requirements also identified an EPC rating of A to be achieved without the use of gas.

The tender stage EPC identified CO2 emissions of 145.01kgC02/m2 and a total energy consumption by the end user not exceed 873.69kWh/m2/annum. The tender stage BRUKLE identified a stringent air tightness requirement for a traditional building of 3m3/(h.m2) at 50 Pa. Sewell Construction engaged energy performance specialists throughout the project updating model information during RIBA stage 4 concluding with a Stage 4 BRUKL and EPC. The results identified improvement upon the client requirements identifying 70.9kgC02/m2 and total energy consumption of 414.6kWh/m2/annum.

At completion an assessment level 5 BRUKL and EPC report was produced confirming the building had achieved an EPC rating of A without gas. The output at completion identified 70.1kgC02/m2 and 415kWh/m2/annum. The building also achieved an air permeability of 2.9m3/(h.m2) at 50 Pa.

Following 12 months of occupation an optimised Display Energy Certificate shall be provided including 12 month seasonal and fine tuning adjustments. Where energy use exceeds those predicted a report will be produced identifying areas that exceed the levels with recommendations for reducing the consumption.

  • Air permeability of 2.9m3/(h.m2) 
  • EPC A
  • 70.1kg CO2 / m2 output energy demand

See the sports complex at Bodington Playing Fields from the air