Value: £30k   Local labour: 80%   Local spend: 100%

The Brief

Citycare work hand in hand with public sector service providers and commissioners to deliver strategic estates solutions. Orchard Health Centre is one such facility that was built as part of the LIFT (the Local Improvement Finance Trust) programme, the most successful public infrastructure programme of its kind.

Integrating services has been at the heart of the NHS LIFT projects since 2001, and that’s where the need for a new, upgraded dental suite within the health centre derived from.

Citycare looked to Sewell Construction to convert an existing staff room into a new dental treatment room to increase capacity of the Dental Practice to provide additional, enhanced services to its patients.

The Solution

Designed by Citycare, the solution was to remodel an existing staff room to create more space.

This required the strip out of the existing mechanical and electrical services, kitchen units and flooring to make way for new specialist equipment for the dentistry.

Investigation works then had to be carried out to locate and identify the underfloor heating, which once completed, enabled the team to create several core hole penetrations through the floor slab to allow them to get services such as power, hot and cold-water feeds, and ventilation into the required area in the room.

Fire stopping to the penetrations was needed to ensure the building complied with building control and made good the floor screen to instal new vinyl with coved skirtings.

The Challenges

  • Confined environment – the room was just 12 square metres,
  • Live environment – the room was located on the first floor of an operational health centre,
  • Out of hour working – had to penetrate the floors to get services in up through to the room,
  • Impact of coronavirus – having to spread the programme out so that there were no more than 2 people in the room at any one time,
  • Managing the health and safety of specialist installers who came onto site to install equipment,
  • Tight timescales – had to stick to a strict programme to get everything ready on time for the specialist equipment.

The Results

The efficient planning and collaboration between all parties meant that the Dental Practice was up and running in little over a month.

Through the reconfiguration of an existing space within the health centre, the dentist can now provide additional services including diagnostic and screening procedures, surgical procedures and treatment of disease, disorder or injury, all under one roof.