The Brief

Modality Partnership Hull had operated at full capacity from Springhead Medical Centre for almost 70 years, and the building was no longer fit-for-purpose.

Unable to offer scope for expansion, primary care and clinical activity was becoming more and more restricted, remaining limited to GP services. This meant Modality Partnership was unable to accommodate the anticipated increase in patient numbers in this area of Hull and faced major challenges to integrate its services.

As a result, the brief was to construct a fit-for-purpose health facility that would provide flexibility and allowed space for future expansion. Suitable space was identified upon a green field site located to the West of the City of Hull upon Calvert Lane, a major transport artery.

Having worked together on several Health Estate and LIFT buildings across the city, health estates company Citycare once again appointed Sewell Construction to build what is now known as the West Hull Health hub.

The Solution

The solution was a new two-storey health centre, the vision was to transform the way Springhead Health Centre provides care for its patients and for the new health centre to become part of Modality Partnership Hull’s Primary Care network in Hull and East Riding.

A modern solution:

  • Steel frame upon piled foundations,
  • Highly insulated to provide a comfortable and sustainable building,
  • Large, glazed panel and curtain walling is utilised throughout to provide a bright interior,
  • Clinical standards to provide privacy,
  • Open plan with disabled access and mobility scooter storage to increase patient accessibility,
  • More space for staff – offices and break out areas, facilities for showering and changing – allowing staff to socialise – look back on Bushra’s speech
  • Adequate parking for staff and visitors, as well as dedicated disabled parking,
  • Drop off points for taxis, ambulances, etc.
  • Car charging points,
  • Cycle storage,
  • New substation to feed the new Hub and the future housing development.

A sustainable solution:

  • The scheme is constructed using the BRE’s Environmental Assessment Method, ensuring that a wide range of sustainable strategies are embodied in the design,
  • The scheme is expected to achieve BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating,
  • The floor layouts ensure future flexibility and the option of future change of use if required,
  • Room sizes are standardised to ensure that rooms are flexible and can be used for a variety of purposes within the medical centre,
  • The building strategy is to maximise natural light and ventilation to habitable rooms throughout the day thus reducing the buildings heating, lighting, and ventilation energy requirements. Where necessary mechanical ventilation is required however the ultimate goal was to minimise this,
  • The building has high standards of insulation throughout,
  • The building accommodates photovoltaic panels on the roof,
  • Water use is kept to a minimum within the new design.

The Challenges

  • Programme was monitored and managed closely throughout the build process taking account of material and labour disruptions precent due to the Covid19 pandemic. Early engagement with suppliers, designers, and contractors to ensure design and procurement remained on programme,
  • Project reviews to identify possible disruption taking account of latest information from suppliers and contractors with mitigation plans implemented when required,
  • Quality – focus on creating construction excellence throughout the build process, use of independent inspectors from suppliers / specialists to ensure works undertaken were installed as per manufacturer’s requirements. Independent testing of installed items. Extensive records kept of installed items with works checked against design requirements,
  • Project risk was monitored through a live risk register review in depth with the construction and client teams throughout the project,
  • Throughout the project tree protection measures were implemented to protect trees and shrubbery to be retained,
  • Suspension to works on the hedge and shrub removal at the rear of the car park due to nesting birds,
  • Reduced on site sound and light pollution while also restricting working hours,
  • Health & Safety was paramount throughout the build process achieving extremely good statistics with a 0.0% accident frequency rate for the project. This was managed through setting clear expectations of each contractor and enforcement of the expectations at site level. Periodic internal and external audits undertaken. The team also implemented an online induction on the project that has now been rolled out across most projects,
  • Asbestos encountered on the site – removed by specialist contractor under controlled conditions,
  • Knotweed present upon the site. Knotweed removed by specialist where possible with remaining knotweed remaining upon a treatment plan,
  • Limited space upon the site due to limited offsite parking, tree protection requirements, ongoing works to the neighbouring property,
  • Labour shortages due to Covid,
  • Traffic management in an already extremely busy area,
  • Managing patient / public / resident concerns,

The Results

“The Journey starts now…”

An integration of services under one roof within the community, with the aim of limiting the need for hospital admission or care.

The two-storey building has 32 clinical rooms, including GP and nurse consulting rooms, treatment rooms, clinical support areas and office accommodation, as well as a reception and waiting area, a wheelchair accessible lift, baby changing area and buggy parking, a pharmacy and adjacent car park.

West Hull Health Hub is now part of Modality Partnership Hull Division which has a total of more than 60,000 patients across four sites in the city.

Added value:

  • Local resident and community engagement was key throughout the duration of the project – keeping everyone informed with periodic updates, answering questions / queries / concerns, creating a dedicated Facebook page, door drops, newsletters and face-to-face communications when required,
  • Client, patient, and key stakeholder tours to showcase progress at several different milestones,
  • Promoting good mental health and support amongst site managers and subcontractors through the likes of Andy’s Man Club, mental health first aiders and Man MOT sessions,
  • Linking with the Goodwin Development Trust with a neurodiversity theme to provide work placements and advice to young people,
  • Removal of graffiti from the Army Barracks next door,
  • Showcasing the site through Citycare’s Health & Care Award sponsorship,
  • Opening up the road naming to the public by launching a public vote,
  • A whole lot of media interest and PR coverage!

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“It will make such a difference to patients and clinicians, providing greater access to existing and improved health services, increased appointments and more flexibility and space in a fit-for-purpose environment. We need to have the facilities to adapt and be flexible, particularly in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, and this much-needed facility will benefit thousands of patients in west Hull. Thank you to NHS Hull CCG and Citycare for their unwavering vision to make this a reality.”

Congratulations to the practice and the team behind the construction of the hub. We’re very proud to have this fantastic new building to add to Hull’s other outstanding healthcare facilities

Erica Daley Chief Operating Officer at NHS Hull CCG