Construction Excellence

In 2016 Professor Terry Williams, Dean of University of Hull Business School, published an academic journal which case studied Sewell, identifying success factors that led to project success and construction excellence. We apply these factors, now measured as KPIs, across all construction projects to support the sustainable development of the company and the communities we work in. To download the academic journal click here.

The factors can be split into three themes; people, performance and environment. By providing a healthy and safe working environment and ensuring high vitality and engagement of our people we hope to become a great place to work and a great innovative company to deal with. Furthermore, as a solutions focused business, we continually strive to deliver an outstanding service and a total quality end product, working in partnership with all stakeholders. We also challenge our environmental impact performance year on year.

“A perfect storm of good practice, to good and uncommon effect, particularly to the benefit of clients, end users and the communities served.”

Professor Terry Williams, PHD PMP, Dean of Hull University Business School.

Appointed to several EU compliant frameworks
17 major public facilities in the past 4 years
education and health facilities delivered within agreed cost envelopes
Construction excellence academic journal published worldwide as book
A great place to work, a great company to deal with
We aim to turn every £1 into £3 for our local economy


accident frequency rate in 2019
UK modern slavery act compliance and  anti-slavery statement central registry