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  • #ThrowbackThursday In a blink of an eye, a whole two years have passed by. What a blast we had in 2017! See what we got up to here: https://t.co/hotmjmvHTW #majorpartner @AbsCultured @2017Hull @paulesewell https://t.co/rbaaK79xk7
  • "You become who you hang around with" - #90 of 100 things in the #SewellCulture book! #InternationalDayOfHappiness https://t.co/dVDV1uqVyN
  • "We practice kindness. Nobody got poorer by giving." What will be your good deed of the week? #TheSewellWay #SewellCulture https://t.co/H9Ov9SUkK6
  • Are you positive, a people person and have a can-do attitude? If so, our Group Receptionist role may be the opportunity for you: https://t.co/Q9e1XUCrXG #Homefortalent #hulljobs https://t.co/rJA33iETFz
  • From one of the best inductions around to a career path with high potential. We are a #homefortalent and we know that it is all about our people. Find out how here: https://t.co/5e14SypBxP https://t.co/5CEvWhnVwb