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Underpinned by four key pillars, our sustainability strategy focuses on keeping all areas of the business in balance, and encompasses people, planet, places and performance.

Sustainability for us, is about much more than the environment. It’s our prerogative to leave a positive impact wherever we go; working with our people, supply chain and stakeholders, together we can better look after our planet.


Our success is driven by our people, and we actively promote skills and employment opportunities for all; whether you’re a Sewell lifer, just started out, or yet to begin your Sewell journey, everyone has an equal opportunity for growing their career. We ‘look local’ first, employing from within our community, for the community, and help individuals ignite their own potential. We promote employment options through our GATEway programme, offering graduate, apprenticeship, trainee and work experience roles to under-represented groups, ex-veterans, those not in education or employment, and more. This is so we can encourage local skills and employment, support and empower our communities, and open doors for people to develop new, transferable skills.


It’s key for everyone we work with to understand our environmental impact, and so we work closely with our supply chain and stakeholders to help create long-term sustainable solutions for both ourselves, and our customers. To support our vision of being an ethical business to work with, we buy responsibly and look for innovative solutions that make a difference, minimising consumption and production, and delivering off-set initiatives to counteract any negative impacts. Considering and acting upon the whole life effects of our products and services means we can forward-plan in order to improve our sustainability performance. Our approach to lifecycle management and whole life costing means we can aim for continuous improvements within our customers’ buildings. Together, we can strive towards reducing our carbon footprints, minimise our environmental impact and maximise our economic and social values.


Our Places need protecting through the development of healthier, safer, and more resilient communities. The impact we have through our social value efforts is distinctive, humble and creates a long-term legacy within our communities. We act for the collective benefit of our people, our communities, the wider environment, and our customers. We align all our social needs analysis with the bigger picture and wider agenda in the places we work, and communities we serve. We want to make meaningful connections, create meaningful experiences and drive meaningful results.


We have clear and SMART governance in place to measure and challenge business performance to support our growth ambitions. Our supply chain is an extension of our team, and we work collaboratively to deliver optimum performance on our projects – on time, efficiently, and safely. Working closely with our supply chain, we maintain an exemplary health & safety record, priding ourselves on our approach to the environment and sustainability issues. We’ve delivered in excess of 800 toolbox talks on some of our projects, ensuring continual monitoring and improvement on project specific KPIs. This guarantees all our partners’ values and behaviours are aligned for maximum impact on both our customers and our community.

"We went with the strapline ‘the journey starts now’ as we wanted people to think about the health benefits as we built the West Hull Health Hub. Maximising the social value our activities have on the communities we work in is hugely important to us."

- Dave Major Project Manager


Alongside our partners, we utilise digital technologies like Building Information Modelling (BIM), Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to deliver schemes from small scale extensions and refurbishments, to remodels and large, multi-million-pound developments of the highest quality, with modern methods of construction at the fore. 

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